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Office Manager - Anastasia Loginova

As a child Anastasia as constantly afraid of the wind, thinking any gust of wind could carry her away! Now she's an Office manager improving the working environment at Scandiweb for everybody! With a keen eye for spotting where there is room for improvement, an energetic enthusiasm for organising events and an uncanny feel for where help is needed, Anastasia makes the office a friendlier place every day! She’s a natural at understanding what is missing and what needs improvement, which combined with a drive to see things through to the end and a perpetually positive attitude makes her perfect for her position! Despite this, Anastasia is always looking to improve — self-development playing an important part in her professional growth. 

Active by nature, Anastasia has over 10 years of horse-riding experience under her red Taekwondo belt, which she recently achieved after 4 years of training. She credits Taekwondo for being an excellent physical outlet, as well as a source of confidence and energy. Traveling, attending events, acting classes — Anastasia has many interests! A point of pride for her, however, is recently having taught herself to do the splits! Opportunity is what stands out for Anastasia in Scandiweb. Anastasia is also very fond of her colleagues and her supportive team!

Stop being scared of everything!

Onboarding & Education specialist - Luize Reuta 

Scared of the forests, for example. For the first several years of her life, Luize believed there are ghosts living in every forest, so she tried to avoid them at all costs, only to grow up as a real nature lover. Luize spent her childhood in the deep countryside by the Latvian-Estonian border. Because all of her closest neighbors were Estonians she just smiled at and played games with, she was convinced she's an Estonian, too. Only after some time, Luize finally realized she was, in fact, Latvian, and forests are wonderful. Now she's a significant part of Scandiweb's HR department. Luize is the person by your side at any given moment for the first 3 months of your journey in Scandiweb. She'll make sure to use her creativity to find ways to assist, help, and motivate in any given situation. In case something's up, she's the person who's always at your reach.

When free from work, Luize loves to go on short weekend trips around Europe and finding all the best coffee places over there. Not only that, she's managed to go on a hike on a few big mountains and a glacier! Luize's most favorite pass time activities though can be summarized in drinking coffee, socializing and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Luize names unity, creativity, innovation, and humor as the four pillars of Scandiweb holding it together this tightly. The outside of the box thinking is much appreciated and has pushed her to come up with unconventional solutions to any situation.

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Engineer - Artis Viblo

Like most children, Artis believed strongly in the existence of both Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Now he’s a developer. Artis’ life at Scandiweb started with fixed projects, followed by a stint in the Support Department, before trying his hand at being a dedicated developer — after this professional excursion, Artis finds himself happy to be back in the Support Department! Technical experience (HTML/CSS/JS/PHP) is what helps most at work and is positively supplemented by a well-developed ability and drive to learn and progress. With experience on multiple platforms, from Magento to Bigcommerce, Artis is a great addition to any eCommerce development team.

A former floorball enthusiast, Artis has put this hobby on hold because there’s a lack of options for playing in his town, however, in its stead, Artis packs his free time with all sorts of video games! He also knows his way around the kitchen and, at a younger age, wanted to become a cook. From getting his driver’s license to graduating as a programmer to walking on glass and coals — Artis has a healthy sense of pride about the transformative victories in life!

The highlight of Scandiweb for Artis are the parties and events, of which he is a frequent attendee, living by the motto — Work Hard, Party Harder!

Don't change anything!

Engineer - Daniels Kursitis

Born and raised in Livani, Latvia, Daniels is a PHP developer working in the Scandiweb support department. With over 5 years of independent programming experience with a wide array of different languages, Daniels brings a useful versatility to the team. It is this versatility which he considers to be his greatest strength, being able to jump effortlessly between platforms and technologies and being able to contribute to the projects of colleagues, whenever necessary. 

Daniels is an aspiring game developer and funnels his free time into evolving his programming knowledge even further, creating all sorts of neat things, with an enjoyable user experience being the paramount criterion. When not at his computer, Daniels likes to pick up a book. A fan of the adventure genre, Daniels names Johan David Wyss' “The Swiss Family Robinson” as one of his favorites. 

Happy to have a professional outlet for his skills, Daniels is always looking forward to new projects and challenges to tackle, backed by his supportive colleagues!

Go and learn IT, it's your thing!

Engineer - Edgars Suveizda 

Edgars was born and raised in Aglona and used to believe that movies and TV shows only started the filming AFTER they began promoting them. Now he's a developer part of Scandiweb's Support superheroes, working with the Hulk division. With the typical tasks of a support dev, Edgars' days consist of fixing various issues and implementing features on any of the requested by clients, or, as he puts it eloquently, his task is to take good care of Scandiweb's clients. Being persistent by nature, this quality translates well into the work environment - making mistakes is not uncommon, but what helps Edgars constantly progress is the ability and desire to not give up, learn from them and continuously improve. 

Music has a special place in Edgars' heart, with Rock being the favorite genre. His free time is taken up with books and all sorts of activities, including programming. Indeed, interested in the digital environment to the point it could be characterized as a hobby, Edgars is happy that his hobby and work overlap, making the path to developing his abilities into a highway. 

Edgars characterizes Scandiweb very positively, highlighting his great colleagues and the friendly atmosphere as the best things about it! 


Be more serious about sport — pick one!

Project Manager - Gustavs Zandersons

At an earlier age, Gustavs used to believe that becoming a millionaire would be a breeze, unaware of the hard work and dedication it requires. Now he’s a project manager at Scandiweb, with all the usual responsibilities of a PM — team management, client communication, requirement gathering, etc. He’s also simultaneously working on his Master’s degree! Highlighting the right kind of communication to be of crucial importance, Gustavs excels at finding the right approach, the right tone, the right words to get most out of people — be it a boisterous client, or a timid colleague.

Gustavs is a superb basketball player and takes pride in being able to dunk, despite being shorter (180cm) than the average player. He follows all kinds of sports, but the NBA has a special place in his heart. Another point of pride for Gustavs is having been recognized for exceptional academic achievements and being included in the Riga Technical University graduate Golden Fund.

In terms of favorite things about Scandiweb, there are so many different activities taking place, that it’s really easy to get integrated. It’s super easy to find like-minded people, and, more importantly, make friends.

Keep doing what you do!

Engineer - Aistis Gasparavicius

Aistis grew up in Ignalina, Lithuania. When he was a kid, his father was working as an instructor. The first time Aistis heard this job title, he imagined it sounding just like "constructor" and from that moment on was convinced his father has a dream job of building things out of a huge pool of plastic bricks. He's now a true builder of his own — building, i.e., developing Shopify themes at Scandiweb and creating + supporting custom applications that are used by the Shopify store. Since 2008 Aistis has been gathering knowledge in eCommerce in various management positions that come in handy working on every project here.

As a pastime and beloved hobby, cycling takes it all. No matter if Aistis is doing a century ride over the mountains, race against others in a local MTB race or just going for training on roads next to his house — he feels as if he's always getting back from those as an improved version of himself. And that's the version he tries to be with his wife and daughter every day. The rest, he says, is not so important.

Scandiweb for Aistis is a great place to grow as a developer, and there's still potential here to greatly extend the list of things to learn and be curious about. Aistis also states that a community without coworkers couldn't exist, so he dearly appreciates the teammates.

Start programming and buy some bitcoins!

KPI Specialist - Daniels Mitrofanovs 

Born in Germany but raised in Latvia, Daniels was a tirelessly curious child asking the big questions: why is everything like this, but not in any other way? how are things invented? After an unorthodox job interview in a taxi, Daniels joined Scandiweb's Finance department. He's found a way to apply his curiosity to search for innovative solutions in his day-to-day assignments. Daniel's work is mostly related to KPI system implementation, but recently he's been busy with creating auto-report systems. Having gathered a solid set of skills in statistics throughout the years, as well as being a fast learner, Daniels keeps his colleagues in safe hands when it comes to being responsible for our finances.

Once been a dedicated football enthusiast, now Daniels enjoys watching scientific tv-shows and science-fiction movies in his free time, reading detectives and finding cool concerts to go to. Playing interactive board games with his friends is another enjoyable type of relaxing in-between work.

When asked to name a great thing in Scandiweb, Daniels can't help but answer — everything and everybody. The helpful colleagues and positive atmosphere make for incredibly delightful working hours every day of the workweek.

Learn to code now, not 10 years later…

Engineer - Edgars Liseks

Edgars was born and raised in Riga. From what he recalls, he's always been a quick learner of any topic and skill. This ability has allowed him to become a self-taught web page developer and join the strong and capable Scandiweb developers' team.

Edgars has always enjoyed disassembling things and then putting them together. In his time off from work, he's often busy with electronics soldering and repairing. He also mentions 'making dumb mistakes' as one of his ways to spend time. That's the best way to learn, improve oneself and take steps closer to big life achievements.

Since Edgars has joined the Scandiwebian crew, the most valued part about working here for him is the supportive teammates. As he puts it himself: "Coworkers are the best."

Don't be lazy and learn new things

Engineer - Edgars Kuzmanis

As a kid from the city, born and raised in Riga, Edgars believed that gas stations had pipes connecting them to underground oil pumps. He's now a full-stack developer at Scandiweb, mostly working with frontend PWA. By being open-minded and eager to learn new skills, Edgars isn't afraid to undertake and help with any new projects.

In his free time, Edgars goes adventure hunting. Be it driving on country back roads, riding a mountain bike, going to the gym, exploring new places, e.g., various abandoned soviet buildings, he loves to be on the move. When slowed-down, Edgars relaxes by playing computer games or watching tv-shows, naming Euphoria, Chernobyl, Stranger things amongst his favorites.

Working at Scandiweb allows Edgars to be in the midst of the web development sphere where he's always wanted to be. He values the overall atmosphere and friendliness which is present each time when stepping into the office.

Open your old code and solve the riddle of how everything worked before

Engineer - Edgars Polovkovs

Edgars recalls a situation from his childhood in Jekabpils. He was going to a lake with his parents, but the plans changed and they stayed at home. Edgars got so upset he went for a walk, only for his mother to find him swimming in a puddle by their house. Now he's a junior developer and part of Scandiweb's Support superheroes, finding and solving invisible website bugs and taking good care of our clients daily.

At the moment, Edgars is determined to master magento as much as possible. He also describes himself as a regular man — living for today.

Scandiweb as a company, allows Edgars to not only challenge himself but be amongst all-around good people.

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