Robotics Engineer - Consumer Robots

We are a software product development company now branching out into robotics, precisely consumer, personal robots. We have a vision that in the coming years robots will shift from being industrial creatures working at the large factories to being personal robots, assistants and companions to us humans. 

We envision similar changes like what happened with computers to happen with robots. Computers were large industrial ones then personal, then wearables. And robots are to undergo a shift from industrial to personal following Moore's law and benefiting from cloud computing and 5G. 

As a company working with top global brands worldwide, we have ample possibilities to connect with different markets and opportunities to test our robots and have markets for their use. 

Who are we looking for?

  • a person with experience in building and programming simple personal robots 
  • a person following advances in robotics and capable of sourcing right components, technologies and tools to set up a small robotics lab either at home or in our office in Riga. Managed external lab is also an option. 
  • naturally, we expect you to be passionate about the future, where each of us will have a personal robot doing ... just like everything!
  • you probably dream to buy a Boston Dynamics dog or can make your own from the Open Dog open source robot project!
  • you are self-starter cause to start with you will be employee number 1 in our Robotics Lab
  • you aim at delivery - meaning that every month, we want to create or procure something that will move us further into ability to create new future, the future of robotics 

Our promise to you

  • shared vision and commitment to the future of robotics
  • flexible budgeting to support our trial and error goals and enable us to learn as much as we can handle
  • support of the company with a global network of customers and contacts 
  • close involvement of Scandiweb CEO & founder into daily operations and strategy planning 
  • eventually, we want to create state of the art robotics center in the region focusing on robotics innovation and HCI design
  • we are not looking into commercialisation of our efforts in coming 2-3 years, so there will be no commercial pressure, but a lot of creative one 

Who we are 

  • A fast growing company started in Riga, Latvia and becoming borderless and online-first in 2020
  • We believe that the term "remote work" is misleading and instead we enable all of our global team to be always on in our virtual workspace
  • Our company is chosen by brands like Jaguar, New York Times, Walmart, AirBaltic, Buff, The Met Museum, BMW, Puma and many others for our exceptional professionalism and leadership in digital

How to apply

  • Send your CV along with a description or video of works in robotics you have already completed and a vision of what we can do together
Usually responds within a day

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!

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